"Repairing" a MBMJ Preppy Nylon Mini Natasha with Faux Nail Glue and Fiebing's Edge Kote

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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I bought a used Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Mini Natasha for a steal of a deal ($13.95 with shipping; originally retailed for $150+). There were five issues with this bag:

• The area connecting the strap to the body of the bag was noticeably worn away (a common issue based on reviews of this bag);
• Part of the strap was severely cracked;
• One of the interior cell phone pockets had come unstitched on the left-hand side;
• The outer lining was torn along the seam;
• The strap's edge-coating was peeling and discolored.

First, I trimmed some of the excess scraggles off of the material attaching the strap to the purse and glued the separating layers back together with leftover faux nail glue.

Next, I covered the material with Fiebing's Edge Kote. (The result isn't perfect given that Edge Kote is for, well, coating leather edges, but it gets the job done aesthetically—the wear and tear is much less obvious than before!)

Now, on to the straps...


Once the Edge Kote from the previous step dried, I glued the broken parts of the strap back together.

After the glue dried, I applied Edge Kote all over the top and sides of the affected area. (I also re-coated the edges of the straps—some of the original coating had peeled off with use, exposing the brown-colored material behind it.)

Not bad.

Being the lazy bitch I am, I decided to repair the outer body hole and half un-stitched cell phone pocket with faux nail glue. (I forgot to take before and after pictures of the cell phone pocket, but the "transformation" was nothing special.)


I made the mistake of a. using too much glue and b. pressing each side together too tightly—as a result, the glue got on the outermost material and flattened it down. Thankfully, this isn't noticeable unless you're examining the bag up close, and ain't nobody got time for that.

I repaired another smaller hole earlier today with a smidgen more elegance.

I bought this bag with low expectations, but it turns out that it's actually the perfect little crossbody for my purposes. I'm the kind of person who carries her dog in one arm inside stores like CVS or Walgreen's, and this is the only bag so far that makes it easy to pull my keys/cell phone/wallet out (or shove back in) with one hand.

Aforementioned dog.

See 'ya next time!

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