Referral Codes

• Rocksbox - Jewelry Subscription Service, $19/month

Get a free month of Rocksbox with code 'katbff45'.

If you choose to continue your membership, you'll receive $21 worth of 'Shine Spend' per month to put toward future jewelry purchase. To learn more about how Rocksbox works, click here.

• Poshmark - New & Used Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, Jewelry ($ - $$$$)

Download the mobile app and sign up in-app with the code 'JXVIO'. You'll receive $10 in spending credit, and I'll receive $10 in spending credit once you buy something. *drools* 

Because Poshmark is comprised of individual sellers and doesn't allow returns unless an item is grossly represented, I'd suggest focusing on purses, accessories, and brands/items whose fit/sizing you're already familiar with. To learn more about Poshmark, click here.

• Tradesy - New & Used Clothing, Shoes, Handbags ($$-$$$$$)

Get $20 off your purchase of $50 or more by signing up through this link. (If only I'd known about this sooner—it could have taken out a chunk of the cost of my first purchase!)

• Dagne Dover - Kick-Ass Handbags ($$-$$$)

I'll receive $25 spending credit if you click here before making a purchase. *makes googly eyes*

Dagne Dover bags are beautifully made and great for work—they're full of compartments and, because they're made of coated canvas, stay impeccably clean! I've amassed an insane collection of these bags. They come in five sizes: the Tiny Tote, the Mini Tote (fits 13" laptop in the main compartment), the 13" Tote (has a 13" laptop compartment), the 15" Tote (has a 15" laptop compartment), and the Charlie Tote (all-leather exterior, 15" laptop compartment). NOTE: Dagne Dover has since released a line of leather bags called The Leather Edit as well as a new unisex line called 365.

I'd recommend waiting for their end-of-season sales where prices are 45% off—stack that with a coupon code (they collaborate with fashion bloggers who give 20% off codes in their posts; check the featured Instagram pics on the bottom of the DD website) if allowed and you're SET. Case in point: I bought a brand new $175 Tiny tote in Champagne for $44, free shipping! (Edit: they seem to have stopped allowing coupon code usage during their 45% off sales. Boo...)

• thredUP - New & Used Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories ($ - $$$)

Receive $10 in spending credit when you sign up for an account with my referral link. I'll get a $10 credit when you spend it, so spend it, dammit!

Because thredUP accepts returns on everything but purses (within 14 days) for free, I'd highly recommend you narrow you focus to clothes and shoes. (They've jacked up purse prices in the last year; Poshmark is much better for that particular category.) To learn more about how thredUP works, click here.

• Rothy's - Eco-friendly flats, $$$

Get $20 off your purchase by clicking this link.

* If you're interested in a pair of their pointed flats and have long toes (and/or two slightly different-sized feet), I'd recommend ordering a half size up.

• Schoola - New & Used Clothing ($ - $$$)

Use my referral link to receive a $10 spending credit (or $20 if there's a sign-up promotion going on). After creating your account, create a collection to receive another $10 credit. Paired with the automatic coupon sent to you at signup (25% - 50%), your first purchase could potentially be free!

Unused credits expire after 60 days; free shipping kicks in on purchases over $50 (before tax and coupon codes, I believe). To learn more about Schoola, click here.

• - New & Used Clothing ($ - $$)

Use my referral link to receive a $10 spending credit. accepts returns and allows users to sell, buy, and swap clothing items, books/movies, decor, and more. To learn more about, click here.

• Ipsy - Monthly Subscription Service for Makeup Samples ($10/month ex. tax)

I'll receive 250 points for every person who signs up for Ipsy through my referral link.

(I've found Ipsy to be more hit-or-miss than Birchbox, but it's worth trying out for a couple of months—just be diligent about canceling before the 1st of the month, and be sure to verify your cancelation via the email link they send you.) To learn more about how Ipsy works, click here.

• Birchbox - Monthly Subscription Service for Makeup Samples ($10/month ex. tax)

While I'm not sure what's in it for you, I'll get $5 spending credit for every one of you that signs up through this link.

If you leave a short review of the products you received before your next box ships out, you can also accrue points to spend on full-sized versions of the products you received and would like more of. (The physical boxes themselves are beautiful, by the way!) To learn more about Birchbox, click here.

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